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APMP UK is the UK chapter of the ‘Association of Bid and Proposal Management Professionals’ which is the body that defines and supports best practice in the areas of bids, proposals and business acquisition.

As a group of like-minded professionals and companies, we promote and share proven techniques, tools and experiences with and amongst our membership.

We hold regular friendly networking events covering interesting and relevant subjects from how to engage with current procurement practice, to the art and science of pitching. Come and hear what we have to say.


Upcoming events:

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15th Annual Conference - Basingstoke 18/19th Oct

The APMP UK Conference is a two-day annual event offering unparalleled access to hundreds of leading bid and proposal management professionals from a range of sectors from independent consultants to national and multi-national organisations. It is a huge opportunity to make connections, share knowledge and learn through over 24 workshops that challenge you to look afresh at the way you work.
  • Access the latest insights into bid and proposal best practice, with influential speakers sharing thought leadership and a range of interactive sessions
  • Come away with take home strategies which challenge you to look afresh at the way you work and leave you better equipped to win
  • Networking opportunities that help raise your profile and develop your career
  • Recharge your bid professional batteries through networking with friends and colleagues
  • Sharpen your competitive edge with new ways to stand out
  • Earn 15 CEU credits supporting your APMP Certification
  • Exhibitors from leading proposal management organisations giving you the opportunity to discover how the latest products and services can generate a competitive advantage for your business
  • Compared to the cost of attending a training course, APMP UK’s Annual Conference represents excellent value for money

Bench-marking your proposal capabilities - York - 2nd Nov

Aviva | Wellington Row | YO1 6FZ York, Thursday, 2 November 2017

This is another chance to join us for this very different event, during which you will have a chance to benchmark your bid and proposal capabilities – in real time.

You’ll get the chance to see how you rate compared to your peers. You’ll get validation of the areas in which you’re already applying best practice. And you’ll see things you could do to sharpen your organisation’s proposal capabilities. We’ll also – perhaps provocatively – look at the average score compared to international averages!

The session will use an innovative new tool – the Proposal BenchmarkerTM – launched this spring to mark Strategic Proposals’ 30th anniversary. Participants will assess their capabilities during the workshop using the structured questionnaire, facilitated by one of the UK’s most respected proposal experts. Please bring along your phone so you can complete the tool in real time during the session.

After the event, those who attend will be sent a personalised report summarising and making recommendations based on their self-assessment findings, compared to the overall survey group.

This really is a must-attend event for anyone interested in assessing and improving their approach to retaining and winning business.

Mind Your Ps & Qs - Grammar and Punctuation for Proposal Professionals - Edinburgh - 7th Nov

Scottish Widows | 69 Morrison Street | EH3 8BW Edinburgh, Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Mind your Ps and Qs...or is it P’s and Q’s? An evening to discuss common grammar and punctuation errors and how to fix them.

As Bid Managers, we often source content from a variety of Subject Matter Experts - not all of whom love the written word as much as we do.  During the course of the evening, we will discuss the most common grammar, punctuation and usage errors in written language: how to spot these problems and how to rectify them.

We will have a whirlwind tour through grammar, punctuation, composition and rhetoric, and a brief drive-by of psychology and human conceptual understanding.

The aim of the morning is for attendees to learn something new that can be applied practically and directly from day one.

So What? Crafting & Conveying Value - Manchester - 16th Nov

Getting a clearer understanding of what 'value' means for evaluators - and tools for assessing and quantifying it.

Why would evaluators choose you? Clearly, it’s about you telling them a compelling and differentiated story, but it’s also about the buyers’ perception of the ‘value’ you’ll deliver for them. Indeed, being seen to select ‘best value’ is a core procurement requirement.

In this interactive presentation, Graham Ablett will discuss what true value feels like for evaluators - drawing on research into what procurement and sales teams view as 'value'. Practical exercises will bring the topic to life and you’ll learn how to turn features into benefits, and benefits into real value.

*** Coming soon events in Guildford, London and Glasgow. ***

More information will be posted about these upcoming events here soon.
Presentation slides and member reviews from many of our past events are available here:

Past Events - Slides & Reviews  Past Events


  • The APMP UK Chapter is pleased to announce the election of Jon Darby as its new Chief Operating Officer for 2017, following which he will succeed Amanda Nuttall as CEO following completion of her term in January 2018. 


    FINAL PRESS RELEASE 5TH OCTOBER 2017: Appointment of new Chief Operating Officer

  • There's just three months to go until our 15th APMP UK Conference in October, and to celebrate, here's our Top 3 reasons why you should attend:


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    It’s National Apprenticeship Week, and an anticipation of the launch of the APMP UK Chapter’s first Bid and Proposal Coordinator Apprenticeship later in 2017, this week we are sharing insights from individuals and businesses who have already taken part in a similar scheme in the bid industry.

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