Bidding, the Art of Seduction

Bridging the gap between Sales and Bids, this talk arms bid professionals with tools to drive the sales teams to more effective pre-sales engagement leading to more productive bidding.
Would you attempt to propose to a prospective life partner without getting to know them first? That’s the position for many of us as we attempt to win new clients.

In this highly interactive and engaging talk, Andrew Hickey supported by his colleagues, Nikki Grimmer and Nick Lumley, links the process of bidding to the romantic world to give his audience some memorable tips about capture planning leading through to effective bid qualification. Nikki and Nick will play out dating scenarios where Nick symbolises the supplier and Nikki the client. They will demonstrate the mistakes we all make in the pre-sales process and Andrew will engage the audience to help Nick smarten up his act in building rapport with Nikki and understanding her motivations, objectives and desires!

With the help of Andrew and the audience, Nick will start to really get to know Nikki and give him all he needs to decide whether to carry on pursuing her.
1) Capture planning - what do we need to know and how can we get it.
2) Influencing - what can we do to build a bond.
3) Bid qualification - How can we make the best go no/go decision.

Andrew Hickey

Andrew Hickey is an APMP Practitioner and has worked in the area of both Sales and customer acquisition and retention for over 30 years.

Whether leading bid teams, or directing Sales teams Andrew has demonstrated his ability to increase conversion and retention rates by using tried and tested techniques to qualify opportunities, and manage the subsequent capture planning process.