Pursuit Excellence - Grace under Pressure

It is vital to manage the stresses on the individual and team and diffuse escalating stress levels – how do we focus our recruitment and growing people best suited to the resilience profile needed?
We react and change our behaviour when under stress affecting performance.

How do we ensure we attract, recruit, train and retain people who have the bid professional “resilience DNA” - What can be trained and grown / what can’t, and how do we consider this when stretching and growing people?

What examples do we have of causes of stress adversely impacting the individual, the team, and the bid – what common bid “stress triggers” might we be able to address / minimise?

We focus on physical safety in the workplace – what is our focus on the dangers of undue stress?

Do we / how do we consider this within our company?

What strategies are there for dealing with, recognising and preventing undue stress in the workplace? Are those activities in the right order?

What success stories do we have to share of a properly stress - managed environment?

A lively debate will ensue with the opportunity to share ideas and discuss the benefits for us all in taking proactive action in this area.
Takeaway: Plan of things you are going to do to help protect people in bidding by equipping them with the skills, education and support to handle the stress and adversity of bidding with resilience.

Angela Fraser

Having mastered the unique territory of the “downright scary” as Principal Bid Manager at BT Global Services (BTGS) winning the Communications Category for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Angela has gathered a wealth of experience from over 20 years in Bidding across companies such as AT&T, Serco, BTGS, HP (Now DXC), Capita, Fujitsu, and is presently very happy at QinetiQ. Prior to bidding Angela enjoyed 20 years of fabulous roles in ICT before she went over to the “dark-side”.

A natural coach and mentor who works with passion, humour and candour, challenging companies appropriately, and taking actions always with the bigger company picture in mind, Angela sees bidding and winning as a great match to her personality, desire for personal challenge, and competitive nature.