40 to 1

40 essential skills to get to number 1 position in a bid, brought to life through practical career tips and team tactics. A fresh perspective from 3 bid masterminds from the APMP 40 under 40 in 2018.
Hear from 3 of this year’s APMP 40 under 40 award winners about the varied careers journeys. The skills and techniques they’ve developed along the way, including tips and tricks on how they have closed their own skills gap and brought fresh new ideas and best practice to life. They’ll show how their bid team has become greater than the sum of its parts and some of the innovative approaches they’ve developed from a skills and learning perspective as well as from a bid perspective:

-why knowledge sharing is essential
-key challenges, and how they have overcome them
-creating value by putting the customer first
-insights to inspire bid teams, enable collaboration, and lead high performing bid teams
-how storytelling gets your proposal noticed by evaluators
-the future of bids, the gaps and challenges that we may be looking at as a profession and how we can prepare

Bring your mobiles to the session - as there will be plenty of opportunity for interactivity and discussion along the way.
Takeaway: Skills and ideas to get you to the front of the race, ways of closing the skills gap individually and as team. New approaches and ideas for bidding will be brought to life through their stories.


Anthony Dyer has 14 years’ experience in the Telco and ICT bid environment, APMP 2016 Bid Excellence Award winner, and passionate about professional accreditation, Anthony has managed some of the industry’s most complex opportunities on a global scale.

Clare Bliss is relatively new to both bidding and the telecoms industry, the past three years have been an exciting journey. Clare has many years’ experience as a customer and a bidder. Clare works across accounts of all sizes with a true customer focus.

Helen Roberts has been bidding in the ICT, Software and Telco industries for 14 years. Working in different sized companies with varying resources available. Helen has worked with different sized companies, bids and teams. She’s passionate about continued learning and team development.