APMP UK Podcast Goes Live!

As part of APMP UK’s objective to find new ways to reach out to our membership, we have launched a new podcast initiative! Hosted by our Membership Director, Gareth Earle, these regular podcasts will have a main feature, news items and updates on upcoming events.

They will last approximately 10-15 minutes and will be released every 4-6 weeks. Episodes will be available through the following podcast hosting platforms:

  • iTunes (Apple)
  • Spreaker (Apple and Android)
  • Stitcher (Apple and Android)

Simply search for 'APMP UK' in your podcast hosting platform of choice and you’ll be able to listen to our inaugural episode that will provide more detail on the initiative. By clicking 'Subscribe', you’ll get new episodes downloaded automatically.Please feel free to provide feedback on the initiative and share your suggestions for future content by emailing mThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Happy listening!