The Hidden Costs of Bidding – Panel Session

Within the highly competitive world of bidding, it’s no surprise that personal wellbeing can be put at risk. Our panel will explore ‘the hidden costs of bidding’.
Stress, adversity and resilience in bid and proposal management is an immensely important topic that requires an open forum of discussion. Many bid professionals suffer in silence and carry on with their work, potentially to the detriment of themselves and their team.

This panel of industry thought-leaders has over 100 years of experience within the profession in a diverse range of positions, including proposal management, procurement and pricing. With a mixture of permanent employees and freelance consultants, the group offers a wide range of knowledge and understanding of the profession. The panel will call upon their personal experiences and provide a forum for delegates to ask questions on the subject of wellbeing within bids and proposals.
Takeaway: This diverse panel of industry experts will draw upon over 100 years of bidding and personal experiences to provide insight on how to safeguard mental wellbeing and longevity within the profession.

Bid Solutions Panel

Pippa Birch is a freelance Bid Writer that balances running a successful business with family life

Andy Haigh is a public sector bidding expert who provides coaching & classroom training to bid professionals of all abilities

Peter Bryans is a costing & pricing expert and often finds himself as the mid-point between bids & finance

Alison Gurd is Head of Bids for a high-performing team, balancing a high success rate with team wellbeing

Ben Hannon has helped 1000s of people progress in the profession and is often the start & end point for unhappy bidders looking for a change

Holger Garden is a bid expert & performance coach. He seeks to get the best out of individuals & teams in challenging situations

Chaired by Martin Smith who speaks to more people in our profession than anyone else