Come on 2021... you've got this!

Welcome to 2021, APMP UK's 20th anniversary year!

As I take the APMP UK Chair, I must thank Gareth Earle, my fellow board members, and our volunteers who together delivered another strong programme of membership benefits last year. Of particular note, the launch of the Chapter's redundancy reboot and career clinic programmes, and the debut of BIDx: APMP UK's Digital Festival for Bid Professionals.

Now, it is time for us all to look forward. To learn from yesterday, live for today, and hope for tomorrow.  With this in mind, your chapter board is as determined as ever to offer all our members another year of innovative benefits, a strong sense of community, and value for money.

Events & Conference

We will continue to deliver a programme of high-quality, interactive virtual events throughout 2021. And in the chapter's 20th anniversary year, it is a central ambition of your chapter board to restart our in-person events programme as quickly, effectively and safely as possible. This includes our annual conference, targeted for the week of 11th October 2021. Mark your calendar!


Volunteering to support your chapter is a rewarding channel for personal growth and professional development. To volunteer, click here

We start 2021 with, I believe, the largest cohort of volunteers in the history of our chapter. Thank you to all volunteers, past and present, who have shaped APMP's largest and most successful chapter.  This year's current volunteer roster can be found here.


We're excited for the continued evolution in 2021 of the key tenets of our mission. Unrivalled member engagement: events; webinars; online communitycareer clinicredundancy reboot; Jez Rose masterclass, etc. Superlative professional development: driving understanding and recognition of our profession; education, training and competence; career progression; mentoring, etc.

Au revoir...not goodbye...

A very special thank you to three much-loved board members, Gareth EarleKaren Althen and Nic Adams, who have rotated off the chapter board: 

  • Gareth Earle served for 3-years as a volunteer board member in the membership director, conference director, vice chair and chair roles. 
  • Karen Althen served as a volunteer board member for over 9-years and, as events director, was responsible for delivering an incredible programme of events. 
  • Nic Adams' voluntary service to APMP is truly extraordinary: 
    • For APMP UK, Nic gave 14 years as finance director (twice),vice chair, chair, and past chair, conference director (twice), and strategic projects director. 
    • For APMP International, Nic gave 10 years as CEO, treasurer, vice chair, chair, and past chair, and CIC

I hope to speak with, perhaps even meet, as many of you as I can this year at one of our many events.  Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or a chapter board member with any ideas or questions regarding, APMP UK. 

Yours sincerely,

Steven Coles, CPP.APMP 


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