The Sales / Bid Gap - A Salesman's View

"What Gap?" The presentation provides 10 pointers on creating a harmonious, integrated sales and bid team.
The presentation provides a 10 point guide to creating a harmonious, integrated sales and bid team.

1. Operate within a common Vision.
2. Share specific goals.
3. Organise effectively.
4. Have a clear, balanced process.
5. Hold the right team meetings.
6. Build integrated campaign teams early.
7. Hold regular rigorous pursuit reviews.
8. Share the rewards.
9. Show strong leadership at all levels.
10. Always engage a Mr or Mrs Jolly.
Takeaway: Leadership of campaign and bid teams operating in complex environments.

Dave Keep

Dave Keep is a principal business winning consultant for Harmonic Limited and leads the Harmonic business winning function.

He has nearly 20 years' experience in the sales and bidding environment working in both large and small companies primarily in the defence arena. For the last 15 years he has led sales teams, spending 9 of those years as a VP Sales or equivalent. He is passionate about winning business.

Dave loves his sales and bid professionals equally and likes them all to be one big happy family. This presentation is his 10-point practical guide to achieving this.