Crikey! Somebody nicked my title.

Don’t forget the User! Engage with and understand your stakeholders to bridge the gaps between the User’s vision, the written requirements, the solution and your offer.
Projects fail when they lose sight of the User’s vision. Each stage of procurement, selection and commissioning is an opportunity for error, creating gaps between what the User wanted and what was specified, offered and delivered.

Each gap is a source of risk to project success. Project Managers know this and apply a range of techniques to identify and close the gaps to improve the probability of success for their projects. As proposal managers we need to do the same.

Taking a light-hearted look at the well-known “tyre swing” project the presenter considers the lifecycle of a typical project to identify the serous lessons to be learned. In interactive workshop style discussions, he explores how the gaps might arise and what can be done to close them.

He then delves into the PM’s tool-box and looks at the some of the techniques that Project Managers would apply, and Proposal Managers could copy, to reduce the gaps and increase the probability of success.
  • Stakeholder engagement approaches.
  • Strategy Validation Tools and techniques
  • How to link features and uses to benefits
  • How users appraise options and business cases

David Warley

David Warley is a change manager with focus on performance improvement in bids, projects and programmes. With thirty years’ senior management experience in international business development and projects David has researched and promoted the use of project management best practices in business development. He is a contributor to the APMP Body of Knowledge having authored the BoK articles on Application of Project Management Techniques to Proposal Development, and Content Plan Development. A member of the Association for Project Management (APM) Contracts and Procurement SIG his PM Survival Guide to Bids, Proposals and Tenders is a popular part of the APM Work Winning initiative. David is a Fellow of the APMP and an APMP approved trainer.