Blood on the walls - dealing with reality

There's a gap between the theory we learn and the reality we experience. What makes a master of the arts of bidding is an ability to survive when there is blood on the walls and a looming deadline.
Those of us that are more long in the tooth have experienced our fair share of disasters on the many bids we have worked on - from running out of ink to full-on fights in the bid room. Nothing we learn in the standard teaching prepares us for this.

We absolutely need that foundation in theory and best practice or we would fail before we start, but sometimes we need to learn from each other the things that will keep us alive when there is blood on the walls and a ticking deadline.
Takeaway: Be ready for anything, because you know it's coming - with resilience, agility, and a few tricks from a film master in the art of fixing. There may be war stories. And swearing (Certificate 18...)

Eve Upton

Did you know that saying “So what?” is actually a critical analytical skill in bidding? As soon as I found this out I knew it was the career for me. Now I have 18 years of experience across multiple industries, geographies, and scales of business.

As a consultant at BidCraft, I’m responsible for helping companies achieve their growth targets by optimising their business winning capability - working with them to craft, pursue, and win the right opportunities. I’m constantly honing my negotiation skills through attempts to persuade Jon to change the company name to ‘WitchCraft’. Do help my cause by cornering him here and bullying him - he's the tall one with a badge that says Chair of APMP UK (the largest Chapter in the world).