APMP is the only professional association for the bid, tender, business development, graphics and proposal management community worldwide, providing tailored membership options for individuals and corporate members. 

Our members gain access to the best education, training, resources and support that is available to help them develop the skills, knowledge and experience they need to succeed in winning more business and developing their career in proposal management.

We are thought leaders in our profession and the acknowledged voice of bid, tender and proposal management, campaigning widely on behalf of our members to secure a procurement landscape that is fair, open and transparent for all.

Drawn from across the business spectrum, our membership ranges from the not-for-profit to the multi-national business and from the apprentice bid writer to CEO.  Our three step, independently accredited Certification framework defines the first, best and only career development pathway available to our profession.  

If you or your business is committed to professional development, success in winning more business and performing to your full potential in delivering compelling bids, tenders and proposals then APMP is the professional association for you.

Key member benefits include:


The support and development available through APMP Membership empowers teams and individuals to compete and to win more business in every competitive environment.  Our members have an enviable track record of success across B2B; B2G; B2C and even in-house.


We are the acknowledged and respected voice of our industry, working hard for our members at every level to educate, inform and to promote better understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing our members and the procurement community.


Members have 24/7 access to the respected APMP ‘Body of Knowledge’ (BOK) which is a vast, peer reviewed, evidence based and member only repository for the collected wisdom of the world’s leading professionals in proposal, bid and opportunity management 

Events & Activities

The UK Chapter is amongst the most proactive and engaging in the global APMP family. Countrywide we hold:

These are all consistently well attended for the learning and networking opportunities. As a member, anyone can attend and there are even opportunities to host or sponsor an event that addresses issues and opportunities that resonate with your business 

Recruitment & Retention

Investing in APMP Membership represents an investment in your future success on a personal, individual level or as a team and business. 

By investing in professional development through APMP you can expect to see real and tangible improvements in terms of employee satisfaction and self-esteem in the workplace, better recruitment and retention rates overall and importantly, better results in business gained and retained. 

To enquire or to join APMP please contact:

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Individual Membership

Peter Lobl, Membership Director, UK Chapter at

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