Mind does matter if you want to win

Look at the difference between bidding in a stressful environment which is demoralising vs. a pressurised one which is intense, creative and exciting?
Introduction - In discussing mental health it is important to focus on the mental health of our bid teams and make sure that we are not letting stress drive our bids. Describe my experiences of stress and the impact it had on me and examples of winning and losing and correlation with stress and pressure.

Analysis of the topic - Facts/figures on stress in the workplace, relationship between pressure and creativity, difference between the levels and kinds of pressure vs. a stressful environment, impact of company culture and policy on bidding – does it help or hinder?, male/Female responses to stress, individual/group responses to stress - Is stress catching?

Group discussion - what are your experiences of stressful/pressurised bidding? How do we create a highly charged bidding environment that is set to win and not to stress us out?

Close - Summarise the key points from the discussion that address the subject of mental health of the bid team and its impact on our ability to win bids
Takeaway: Be willing to accept that stress in a bidding environment can negatively impact our win rates. Ideas on how to reduce stress to improve win rates and ensure our bids are pressurised but not stressful.

Lucy Davis

Senior Bid Manager at QinetiQ

Lucy has been bidding for nearly 10 years now and been part of many bid teams. From the early days as a Quality Manager providing input to a question on quality management through to today as Senior Bid Manager leading bids to win multi-million pound opportunities, Lucy has loved the buzz and pressure that goes with bidding. Over the years Lucy has come to recognise the characteristics of a winning team as well as those of a losing team. Lucy loves to bid to experience the win and see visions become reality. Therefore she believes it is essential that as bidding professionals we create the right environment for our teams to work in so that we get the best out of them.