Authentic partnerships

Through the art of teaming and communicating, by building agile and authentic structures, one can encourage each individual to be an active member of the client partnership.

This interactive talk will aim at reflecting and debating with the audience on the different phases of a client supplier partnership.

Like any personal relationship, the key to its success is based on trust and straightforwardness.

How does one reflect both in a sales, competitive and cost constraint situation?

The secret resides in building an organisation that is structured as one team, where all are actively engaged as partners from bid to sales, from transition to delivery.

We will discuss:
How to build a winning team?
How to communicate with both teams and clients?
How to create trust?
How to instill authenticity?
How to handle setbacks?
How to build a business case?
How to find the balance between cost and quality?
How to find the balance between sales and delivery?
How to measure and maintain a long term partnership?

Manuela is very keen on interacting with the audience so all feel part of the debate and bring something back home from it

Takeaway: How to build and lead an authentic and passionate team with experience in challenging bids, sales, transformation and challenging delivery to provide the best experience for a client.

Manuela Doutel-Haghighi

Trilingual, multicultural, versatile, Manuela brings 17+ years of experience in the IT Services industry selling, delivering and managing P&L to clients from start ups to FTSE100 organisations.

Manuela is a natural agile leader who loves leading both global and local teams. She is an expert in fixing trouble partnerships, very passionate advocate in diversity and a regular public speaker at internal and external events.