Building Stress Resilient Bid Teams

How neuroscience informs the design of bid teams that consistently deliver creative, competitive and compelling bids under high levels of pressure.
How can you continuously deliver compelling, high quality proposals without burning out your team? In 2017, stress accounted for 50% of all work absence and more than 50% of staff turnover.

The stress often experienced in proposal teams is shown to hamper creativity and degrade decision-making, which can significantly reduce the quality of the proposals to clients.

Learn how neuroscience helps us understand the biology of stress such that we can design and train teams to produce creative, competitive and compelling proposals in situations that would crush the competition.

We will explore both team and process design methodology to mitigate individual exposure to stress, along with the physiology of peak mental performance demonstrated using heart rate variability.

Delegates will leave with the blueprint for developing resilient, high performing bid teams and staff that can self-regulate their stress levels during even the most difficult bid programme.
Takeaway: Blueprint for developing resilient teams and techniques for self-regulation in stressful situations.

Matthew Hatson

Matt worked for 25 years in complex engineering organisations. As Sales and Bid Director he won numerous multi-million pound bids globally in Defence, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Transport and Logistics.

He now coaches and trains businesses in numerous industries to be resilient to stress and rescues Executives suffering from burnout.

A licensed Coach in numerous therapeutic fields, a trained biofeedback coach with a Degree in Electronics and Masters Degrees in Business and Leadership.