APMP Practitioner Training Day
8th October

Why should you pursue Practitioner Level?

APMP Practitioner Level Certification demonstrates to peers, clients and managers that:

  1. You are committed to improving your professional skills through a rigorous examination of your experience record against the global standard
  2. You have a mastery of best practices and can effectively lead/coach teams in their use
  3. You can build and manage a cohesive team that can communicate a consistent winning strategy and positively impact the customer’s decision
  4. You are positioned to be among the top in your profession
  5. The Practitioner Certification level is appropriate for experienced proposal professionals with three or more years in profession. Practitioner candidates often have a leadership role in their organisations.

The APMP Practitioner workshop provided me with the uninterrupted opportunity to think about my bidding career, particularly tasks I'd undertaken that counted as relevant evidence of competence achievement. After just this one-day session, I was really motivated to start writing my evidence pieces because I was so much clearer about the assessors' expectations. Alan's ability to put the mind at ease is second to none and Pippa's advice, as a fellow bidder in the civil engineering sector, was invaluable. If you're wondering whether or not to attend this workshop, my advice is to go for it!
Holger Garden - Business Communication Strategist
The workshop provided a clear view of what I needed do to attain practitioner qualification. This was very helpful and motivated me to go the distance!
Muhammed Kayum – Bid Manager