Hacks and Hints for Great Design

You’ve written an amazing bid – and need to make it shine with great design. This session shares insights into how to hack your way to beautiful bids, with or without a proposal designer.
There’s a wealth of information on building a great bid – but focus is typically on developing content, leaving the mechanics of design to a designer.

So, how can you get great results if your design resource is limited? Or non-existent?

This session explores proposal design from a real-world perspective, sharing insight into the design process, guidance on getting the best from your resources and practical advice that all professionals can apply to their bids.

Starting with proposal design principles, we’ll get inside the mind of a designer; what factors influence decision-making when presenting your proposition at its very best?

We’ll then move on to making the most of your resources; how great briefing and project management can optimise design time, and how to work around limited printing resources.

Finally, we’ll cover top tips on areas including layout, typography and imagery, providing practical advice that any bid professional can use to up their design game.
  • Aims and principles of great proposal design
  • Achieving the best outcomes with limited time and resources
  • Practical tips to create beautiful documents

Nicola Coffield

Nicola has been an in-house/proposal designer for nearly 12 years. After designing bids (and just about everything else) at EY for six years, she has spent the past two years as Proposal Designer for Hymans Robertson LLP.

Nicola did take a short break from proposal design to produce more than 450 documents for the Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games (including the flags for all the competing nations). She’s also been known to design theatre sets in her spare time.