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You shouldn’t need to wait for a major life event to start thinking differently about our work life balance. But when it does happen, we should make the most of it and search for the positive within.
"Positive energy attracts positive energy" - people may roll their eyes when you say that, but it's true.

Working through a whistle-stop tour of a 10 year bid career, chequered with ill health (3 –time cancer survivor), I’ll share what I have learnt along the way and how it has impacted my approach to work and life in general.

Covering topics around:
- Learning from all experiences
- Listening to each other actively
- Awareness of energy vampires (yes really).

My treatment on the NHS cost quite a bit. Now I’d like to make a start at giving something back.
Takeaway: Managing your wellbeing and learn coping strategies for some of life (bids) might throw at you. Making connections for your own benefit, not just for your business.

Pamela Williams

I am a 35-year old career bid coordinator, and perfectly happy about that too.

Like many working in bidding and proposals; I started working on bids as a business requirement; and my career in the field developed by accident.

My positive spin to life came from an initial cancer diagnosis just over 10 years ago, and eventually a total of nearly 3 years off work.

Positivity didn’t happen overnight; it is a learned skill and easily transferrable to others with open conversations and active listening.

Outside of work I am daft enough to have 2 horses, 2 sheep, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 5 chickens.

“Everything happens for a reason”.