All By Myself: The Joys of Working from Home

This interactive session will explore the challenges of working from home and provide practical advice to help you to be happy, healthy and productive.
More people are now working from home for a variety of reasons, including a flexibility not found in a 9 to 5 office job. Unfortunately, even in this ideal work scenario, productivity and health can be negatively affected.

As a freelancer, Pippa juggles the needs of clients, family and herself. She faces many daily challenges; the perils of Social Media and sunny days conspiring against productivity. And why does the kitchen call so loudly with its lovely goodies? When bidding pressure is on, how do you stop? Then there is the small matter of not speaking to another human being for a while and ending up a complete chatterbox the minute you see someone – anyone! Poor postman….

Walking us through a typical week, Pippa will use her own experiences to explore the challenges of working from home and how she copes with the pressures, while enjoying the flexibility freelancing provides. She will also encourage delegates to offer up their own worries, experiences and tips for success.
Takeaway: Useful tips and inspiration for working from home successfully and healthily, plus a little gift to help.

Pippa Birch

Pippa Birch CPP APMP made the leap into freelancing after 11 years as an employed bid writer in highways and construction. Over the last six years, she has built up an impressive client base and a string of wins across multiple sectors.

Pippa completes much of her work from home in her lovely office, having started at the kitchen table all those years ago. Juggling the needs of clients, family and self, Pippa tries to maintain the right balance to stop from going slowly mad. In Pippa’s (limited) spare time, she is Mum, Parish Councillor, IAT Publications Chair and muddy obstacle race finisher.

Pippa presented at the 2017 and 2018 conferences, focussing on freelancing. In 2018, Pippa was delighted to achieve her APMP Professional Certification.