New Procurement Act 2023

What is it?

On the 26th October 2023, the Procurement Act 2023 reached Royal Ascent; reaching a pivotal milestone in setting out how the UK Government will procure goods and services in the future. The UK government needed to define it’s procurement following our withdrawal from the EU. The UK could no longer follow the OJEU process set by the EU. It therefore provided the opportunity to re-design and overhaul the government’s procurement process, with an ambition of making it easier for buyers to get what they want and need.

What's next?

The Act is likely to come into effect in October 2024. Between now and then, the government will be working to train up procurement teams and buyers on how to use the Act and will be releasing knowledge articles for suppliers to better understand how to bid.

What does it mean for bidding?

For those who bid into the public sector, there will be new rules and behaviours associated with the Procurement Act 2023. Following an initial review, we’ve created a series of short videos about what the Act contains and what it could mean for bidders.

Where to find out more

Knowledge Drops have landed


Procurement Act Resources

Video resources
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