The Leadership Gap between you and Winning

Bid Leaders need a specific skill to lead a winning team: persuasive communication
Based heavily in psychology, this talk explores seven personality archetypes and how each has powerful abilities and hidden impediments to make or break the team dynamic, creativity and productivity. Within each of us are two competing sides, a polarity of character, but only one leads to greatness. If we want to have a positive impact and make the difference between winning and not winning the bid, we must constantly rethink the instincts that drive both ourselves and the team.

Archetypes include:
The Rebel
The Explorer
The Truth Teller
The Hero
The Inventor
The Navigator
The Knight
Takeaway: Identification of seven personality archetypes and their corresponding gap, and how this can be harnessed to promote work winning

Rachael Cunningham

Rachael Cunningham has worked within pre-construction for over a decade, managing major projects in the public sector, for private clients, for the NHS, defence and education divisions. Working for FTSE listed companies, small family contractors, consultant engineers and specialist services, this broad experience of managing internal and external stakeholder teams has provided a substantial platform for observation of behavior and identification of what makes a great leader.