Developing a career framework for bidding

In a competitive world, we all need to attract the highest calibre people to the bidding profession and provide a path for development. This interactive session explores a bidding career framework.

6 year olds don’t say “when I grow up I want to be a Bid Manager.” Why not? Bidding can be rewarding, enjoyable as well as challenging.

We need to be experts in bidding, and have knowledge of other functions e.g. commercial, legal, finance, technical, BD to know when to dig deeper. In addition we need soft skills to influence, negotiate, facilitate and motivate.

How do you develop these professional skills and competencies within your company? How do you attract them externally? Would a bidding career framework help?

We will share two complementary frameworks that we have developed:
• Service lines – definition of activities carried out by the bidding team (and those that aren’t). They provide the level of expertise expected for all levels in the team (from Associate Bid Manager to Bid Director)
• Competencies – how we need to do it (behaviours)

We will then have a debate giving you the opportunity to share your expertise in this area and discuss the benefits for us all.
Takeaway: Plan the things you are going to do to help raise the professional skills in bidding, individually and perhaps collectively?

Rachel Lewis

Rachel Lewis is a Bid Director with over 20 years’ experience in creating compelling offers to customers in government and commercial markets. Before she knew what “ITT” meant she was a software developer in finance and insurance systems. After one chance encounter with a bid, she was hooked and enjoys the thrill of competing and the satisfaction of submitting a winning proposal. Rachel has now captured, managed and reviewed hundreds of bids in a broad array of sectors all of differing sizes and complexity.

Rachel is focused on helping develop people and understands the importance of developing the next generation of bidding experts. She has led a team of 50 bidding professionals and providing a development path and coaching is close to her heart.