Once upon a time…happily ever after

Let’s fill in the gap with a little storytelling help from the masters of the movies.
Everyone talks about storytelling as an essential part of business writing. But what does storytelling really mean?

If you’ve ever watched a Pixar movie, you’ve probably been swept up in a maelstrom of emotion around good and evil, sadness and joy, love and hate. That’s because the folk at Pixar have distilled storytelling into an unbeatable formula.

This year, I’ll deconstruct aspects of the Pixar formula and see how we can apply it to proposal writing – filling in the gap between “Once upon a time” and “Happily ever after”.

As always, this session will be a lively mix of theory, debate and practice.
Takeaway: Step away from this session inspired to weave a better story into your next proposal.

Sarah Hinchliffe

Behind my serious exterior, I am a bit of drama queen. As a youngster, I acted in plays and led a team to win the county heat of a national public-speaking competition with our chosen topic of subliminal advertising. I went on to study drama (and French) at London University.

I squeezed in a thirty-year sales career before re-discovering my dramatic self – I am now a seasoned sales and bid consultant, Shipley trainer and regular APMP presenter (complete with carefully selected frock for each occasion).

People say I am a master (or mistress perhaps) of creating order out of chaos and joining dots. Injecting structure and discipline into selling and bidding - and a healthy dose of enthusiasm and quality - helps my clients waste less time, work more creatively and win more business.