Developing people isn't just about training

This talk will provide you with the know-how & tools to allow you to understand your team's individual/team's skills, as well as their personalities. Then know how to develop them appropriately.
Capable business winning teams have the right mix of people to do a good job. Today, we can't just assign people at a task and hope it gets done. To achieve, we have to have a mixture of the right competencies and balance of personalities to be an effective team.

Putting people through training is not always the most effective way to develop them either as individuals, or as part of the team. It works for some, but not for most.

This talk will provide you with consistent and proven approaches to:
- measuring the competence of individuals, depending upon their role.
- agreeing the most appropriate development approach for each individual and the team.
- understanding quickly the personalities that you have in the team.
- understanding the personality mix that is required for a team to be effective.

This talk is relevant if you work alone or as part of a team, of whatever size and geography.
Takeaway: A proven approach to supporting the development of individuals and teams in the way that is most appropriate to them.

Tony Birch

Tony Birch is the founder and Managing Director of Shipley Limited, in the UK. Elected a Fellow in 2006, Tony served on the main board of the APMP for 4 years; during that time he oversaw the development and launch of the APMP's Certification Program. He currently serves on the board of the BDII (Business Development Institute, International).

A fully accredited Proposal Professional, under the APMP Accreditation Programme, Tony’s background is in Sales in the Defence & IT Sectors.

Tony works with companies across sectors as diverse as Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Defence, Finance, ICT, Insurance and Outsourcing Services.