Why Proposals Fail: Bridge the Perception Gap

The gap between perceived and actual RFP requirements causes proposals to unnecessarily fail. This talk will share strategies that have successfully bridged the gap deliver winning proposals.
Did you ever get the feeling, when reading an RFP, that you’re missing something. Do you perceive something to be amiss? Maybe the requirements don’t quite gel or something jars with your industry understanding.

It's a common misconception that buyers know what they’re buying and are able to precisely articulate their needs in an RFP.

This challenges bidders to construct compliant proposals that bridge the gap – between what buyers say they want and what they should be looking for .

This talk is based on bidder and buyer interviews and an analysis of over 100 RFPs and their corresponding submitted proposals.

It will share strategies to enable bidders to:
1. Recognise when gaps exist between buyers perceptions of what they need and what they’re asking for
2. Build strategies that address those gaps and create differentiation, within the confines of the RFP terms of reference
Takeaway: Bidders will learn how to recognise and remediate differences in perception between what buyers actually need as opposed to what they ask for.

Tony Corrigan

Tony Corrigan is Founder and CEO of TenderScout, a Software as a Service (SaaS) that provides end-to-end support to businesses competing for opportunities all over the world.

Tony has a background in software development and tender writing., working with IBM, Intel, Westminster City Council amongst many others.

Since 2012, he has participated in over 3,000 tender competitions and has conducted primary research on SME participation and win-rates in tendering.

In 2017, Tony launched www.tendercon.co to demystify tenders for SMEs with the goal of increasing participation and establishing sustainable revenue streams.