Textbook vs reality – what’s the gap?

Focusing on people skills and the challenges we encounter; an interactive workshop to find the balance between what we know to be bidding best practice and what is really needed to get the job done.

Best practice in bidding and capture management to date has undoubtedly raised professional standards and improved win rates. The challenge consistently arises for us when time, resources or capability mean that best practice just isn’t practical.

So what do we do? When can positive disruption help? Is there a difference in approach for permanent or freelance staff?

This workshop encourages attendees to share experiences: when does best practice win; when is compromise necessary? Working with four or five “statements of truth” we’ll discuss the best practice vs reality conundrum... maybe we’ll work towards raising the bar again? Note, this not therapy – we’re looking at the activities that we put in place to enable us all to do the best job we can!

We understand the constraints that bidding places on us day-to-day – so it will be cathartic for some, and may provide insight into new ways of approaching the issues we all face. We’ll create a network of like-minded people to support you.
Takeaway: Insight from speakers and attendees into what we know works well; how to push back to get the job done, manage up where needed and move the team forward together when compromise needs be achieved.

Victoria Christmas and Pat Thomas

Victoria Christmas loves bidding, is slightly mad and very tenacious. She is complicit in balancing best practice with the necessary compromises needed to get people to do what’s needed to bid successfully. An independent bid consultant, now working for ESA, she works in defence, construction, space and transport sharing her experience and coaching bid teams.

Pat Thomas has been bidding for more years than she likes to admit. Working across a multiple business sectors, she is an independent bid strategy consultant focusing her clients on what’s right for their clients and for their own operational success. A former CEO of APMP UK, her mantra continues to be if the end client doesn’t want to hear it, it’s not worth saying.